Sustainability Solutions

LEED BD+C – for New Construction

LEED EBOM – for Existing Buildings

LEED ID+C – for Fit-Out and Retail Projects

LEED-ND – for Communities and Cities

LEED for Homes – for Single and Multifamily Residential Projects

USGBC Green Rater Services

RESNET HERS Energy Rater Services

Estidama (Pearl) Consultancy Services for New Buildings

Estidama (Pearl) Consultancy Services for Communities

Estidama (Pearl) Consultancy Services for Villas

Commissioning Management Services

Independent Commissioning Agent (ICA) Services for Estidama Projects

LEED Commissioning Authority for Fundamental Commissioning

LEED Commissioning Authority for Enhanced Commissioning

GSAS Systems Commissioning (M01)

Al Sa’fat Commissioning of Building Services of New Building (503.0)

Al Sa’fat Commissioning of Building Services of Existing Buildings (503.2)

Estidama Independent Commissioning Contractor (ICC) Services

Mostadam Consultancy Services for KSA

BREEAM Consultancy and Assessor Services

CEEQUAL Consultancy Services

Green Globe Consultancy, Auditing and Assessor Services



Al Sa’fat

Ventilation Improvement by Air Balancing in inoccupied spaces

Indoor Environmental Quality Enhancement

Retrofit HVAC Air Equipment with VVC and Bipolar Ionization Devices to Continuously Reduce Pathogens, Mold, TVOC, and Particulates

  1. Sustainable Desiging
  2. Sustainable Construction
  3. Sustainable Operation and Maintenance
  1. TVOC
  2. Formaldehyde
  3. CO
  4. Ozone
  5. PM10 and PM5
  6. NOx
  7. Radon
  8. CO2
  9. RH
  10. Mold
  1. Air Infiltration Test by ATTMA Level 2 Engineer
  2. RESNET HERS Energy Rater as per ASTME 779/CIBSE TM23 Requirement
  3. Thermography with FLIR camera by Thermographer Level 2
  4. Water Penetration Test of Curtain Wall as per AAMA 502.1 Requirement
  5. Water Penetration Test of Curtain Wall System as per ASTME 1105 Requirement
  6. Smoke Test of Building Envelope to identify the leaking areas of the envelope
  7. Integrity Test as per NFPA 2001 Requirement