Facilities Management

Energy Optimization through Energy Audit as per ASHRAE Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 (Investment Grade)

HVAC System Assesment and Restoration as per NADCA procedure involving HEPA filtration equipment, robotic systems and sanitization

Green Cleaning Practices of Facility using Environment Friendly and Bio-Degradable Products, reducing Energy and Water Consumption of Janitorial Services

Site Management and Rainwater Management

Integrated Pest Management Services, and Reduction

Identifying Retrofit Projects for Reduction of Energy and Water Cost

Improve WELLNESS in Design and Enhancement of Facilties

Improvement of Building Envelope by Testing Air Leakage, Insulation and Energy Performance

Compliance with Energy Modelling, Measurement and Verification as IPMVP (International Performance and Measurement Verification Protocol)

  1. Measurement of Indoor Air Contaminants
  2. Recommissioning of HVAC System
  1. HVAC Systems
  2. Air Filtration Enhancement
  3. Electrical System Enhancement to Improve Reliability
  4. ELV Systems
  1. Lighting Fixture Upgradation
  2. Daylight Sensors
  3. Occupancy Sensors
  4. BMS Programming