Energy Efficiency Services

Building Energy Simulation for New Building and Existing Building

Storage Tank Design, Manufacturing, Fabrication, Supply, Installation and Commissioning Support Services as per API 650 and API 620

Thermography of Building Envelope amd Identify any Improvement Opportunities

Smoke Test of Building Envelope

‘U’ Value Measurement of Existing Building Envelope as per ISO 9869

Retro-Commissioning and Recommissioning of Buildings and Building Services

Curtain Wall Testing as per ASTME 1105 and AAMA 502.1

Building Air Permeability Test as per ASTME 783

Energy Audit of Facilities as per ASHRAE Level 1, ASHRAE Level 2, and ASHRAE Level 3 (Investment Grade)

Identify and Implement Opportunities and Avenues for Cost and Energy Savings

  • Sustainable Desiging
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Sustainable Operation and Maintenance