Ensuring high grade engineering, increase in efficiency, and implementation of sustainable technologies to serve the energy requirements of society.
Power and Energy

The Power and Energy sector serves an integral role in the economy of its representative regions. It serves as the backbone of industry and society. As a result, it is of paramount importance that facilities operating within this sector have the greatest emphasis on high grade design and engineering, energy efficiency, optimal social utility and value creation, hazard mitigation, and usage of efficient systems management. Also, it is of extremely important that all assets, facilities and installations operating within this sector conform to all regulatory statutes, ensuring optimal performance.

Power and Energy

As projects in the power and energy sector are capital intensive, our utmost prirority is placed on optimal value creation, while ensuring that our solutions not only exceed project goals, but also perform reliably for decades to come. We offer a 100% performance guarantee on all solutions, and provide consultations throughout the life cycle of the project.

We also recognize that assets in the power and energy sector are mission critical facilities which cannot afford long shutdown durations, which may lead to a drop in operational efficiency, loss of productivity, profitability or life. Hence, in all our solutions rendered to assets in this sector, we ensure that all processes implemented occur during operation or are constrained to very short time durations, ensuring effective and efficient implementation of our solutions.

Power and Energy

Through key industry partnerships, we have been able to deliver the most prestigious mission critical projects in the Power and Energy Sector, in the Middle East and North Africa Region, exceeding project goals and earning the trust of the region’s most celebrated companies, consultants, project owners, project directors and construction firms.

At GST, drawing from decades of industry leading experience in delivering projects through industry know how in process engineering, usage of cutting edge technology, innovative project management implemented by accredited industry professionals with an overarching philosophy of sustainability and an uncompromising commitment to integrity and ethics, we believe we are perfectly positioned to provide bespoke solutions to meet the expectations of our clients and deliver outcomes, and inspire confidence with a continued passion for excellence.

We have over 100 years of combined experience, with teams of industry professionals, along with in house capabilities in process engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, instrument engineering, civil engineering, with the purpose of delivering excellence to clients from the project conception, to design, installation, commissioning and handover.


Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA)

Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP)

All typologies of LEED, CEEQUAL, and BREEAM

Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP)

Air Infiltration Test

Energy Efficiency Improvement

Acoustic Analysis

Vibration Analysis

Project Management

Thermal Imaging

Sector Specific Services

District Cooling Plant design to maximizie energy energy efficiency for chilled water systems and for HVAC cooling requirement of buildings and built environments. This involves chiller and pumping system optimization.

Boiler Efficiency improvement for reduction in fund consumption and increase cost optimization

Minimizing RISK of operational plant through RISK assesment and HAZOP Study

Gas Turbine Enclosure Envelope Leakage Testing by Air Infiltration Test

Leakage Detection and Corrossion Monitoring systems of District Cooling Plants and Piping Structures

Water Treatment Plant Design and Operation

Waste Water Treatment Plant Design and Operation

Ash Handling Plant and Coal Power Plant Design

Corrossion Protection System Design and Implementation.

Design, Testing and Stress Analysis for Piping and Structures

Green Building Certification such as LEED, GSAS, BREEAM, GreenGlobe, Estidama for existing and new buildings

Preparation of Environmental Impact Assesment (EIA) and Construction Environment Management Plan (CEMP), and their implementation

Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Assesment and Improvement

MEP Design, Implementation, Commissioning and Upgrade Services.

Conducting ASHRAE Level 1, ASHRAE Level 2, ASHRAE Level 3 audit for energy conservation/optimization

Assessing Renewable Energy options for cost optimization and Corporate Social Responsibility

WELL Certification

Acoustics Study.

HVAC System Design, Commissioning, Implementation, Sanitization

Conduct FM200 Enclosure Test

Recommissioning and Retrocommissioning of the Building

Conducting Thermography

Conducting Building Envelope Commissioning

Electrical and ELV System Testing and Commissioning

Air Infiltration Test

Water Penetration Test


Noise and Vibration Monitoring

Indoor Air Quality Testing and Improvement Strategy

Ambient Air Monitoring for PM10, PM2.5, SOX, NOX, NH3,H2S, Silica

Wind Tunnel Analysis